When the time is right, often on a Thursday, our team of experts brings you your future. That’s so you can map out the weekend. Also when emergencies necessitate, we mobilize to shepherd you to safety. Acculorber is both more and less than a weather report. As in I’m not going to do these reports while drunk anymore, but I’m also not going to do them drunk any less.  The world is particularly disheartening these days. Perhaps we can help by pulling something out of thin air to keep you going.


Our experts: Cloud readers, procrastinating prognosticators, weathered men, leathermen, extreme humidity chasers, seers in seersucker suits, visionaries de l’aire, our old neighbor’s arthritic elbow, sea witches and unseen wizards, dirty rain dancers and an itsy bitsy spider living a musical but Sisyphean life in a water spout.

Brendan Lorber received meteorological training at the Cessna Pilot Training Center at Waterbury Oxford Airport when he was 16, efficiently sublimating his adolescent desires into the sky. He got a refresher more recently at TMI Aviation at Cherry Ridge Airport. Political, sociological and economic training received from just looking around and talking to some cool people.